Historical Archive

In early 2007, Greenville Ohio, Lätter was formed and has since been noted as being one of the area’s premier bands by fans and clubs alike, with former members of Johnny Bravo, Tazmania, Masque, and Ithika, to name a few. The project was put together to form a band that had not only veteran musicians with over 100 plus years experience between the 4 members, but with a quality of music that has been missing in today’s music industry as far as “local” talent. Lätter is a 4 piece powerhouse, with an amazing musical blend of 70s and 80s Rock/Classic Rock, some great “hair band” tunes, and most importantly…a high impact show!!!

In 2013, Lätter had the honor to open for national acts Jackyl and Drowning Pool at Ohio Bike Week in Sandusky Ohio, and Pop Evil in 2014. This was a great milestone for the band and as we strive to move forward with our own original music, the covers are a great impersonation of what Lätter is all about, as well as a great time with friends who love music!

2015 started off HOT and indeed, not stopping there! Lätter promises the best years yet to come with big shows and summers to remember!

2016 was an unreal time full of great shows, and 2017 saw Lätter taking things to a new level. Even bigger show, bigger lights and a bigger, tighter, fuller


2018 was highlighted with an unforgettable performance sharing the stage with The Iron Maidens and none other than Queensrÿche! The Rÿche was (and remains) a major influence on us all, and it was quite an awesome experience to meet such a warm and engaging bunch of true gentlemen.

As we move into 2019, we look forward to more everything! More fun, more great times with the greatest fans, and more BIG shows!

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at the members…

Quintin Fyffe – Lead Guitar

Quintin Fyffe, founding father of Lätter, usually plays a pretty decent guitar and seems to really like the Steelers for whatever reason.

Tim Hart is everybody’s favorite pooky bear. When he’s not honing his already formidable bass guitar skills, you might find him collecting wildflowers, contemplating in the first rays of the rising sun, or ministering to the needs of local feral cats.

Tim Hart – Lead Bass
Jim Graham – Lead Vocals

Jim Graham likes to sing, and boy, we sure like it when he does. He also likes long walks on the beach, boasts an impressive (yet mildly disturbing) collection of Precious Moments figurines and memorabilia, and is an avid gardener.

Russ Reed was born a poor black child, and became interested in music by singing and dancing on the porch with his family, down in Mississippi. OK, maybe not black. And maybe he was actually born in Piqua; and yeah…he’s never really been much of a dancer either, if we’re being honest. But Russ did develop a love of music at an early age, and spent perhaps more time than he should have honing the craft in his youth.

Coming from a musical family, he was introduced to guitars, drums, and piano very early in life, and took to them like a flea takes to a dog. Russ concentrated mainly on drumming, began playing in bands by the age of 9, and was active in the music program all throughout his school years, graduating with the first double major in music ever awarded at Piqua High School. He then attended the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. And the rest, as they say, is history. When he’s not playing, Russ enjoys geeking out on generally geeky things like computers, electronics, video games, and audio-related systems.

Russ Reed – Lead Drums